SG04: Pick Me Up

Name: Pick Me Up Geocoin
Enamel: Imitation Hard Enamel
Size: 1.16″ * 0.97″ * 2 mm
Icon: Yes, unique
Trackable: Yes @
Custom prefix: “SE”
Veight: 8 gr
Design: Nenne_ ; color/plating combos by Nenne_ and MotoCycleBoi

Description: When children starts to draw pictures of people they often draw a head with feet.

In Sweden these drawings are called “Huvudfotingar” (Head footers).

This coin is our first Micro. Our own Headfooter.
A very simple design made by Nenne.

The coin is a celebration to the joy of Geocaching and GeoCoining,
to the joy of discovering new caches and coins.

The little coin begs to be picked up.
Fits in micro caches and loves to travel.
The coin will have a loop so it can be attached to other stuff.

Release date: Apr 23 2009

SG04-1 Pick Me Up – Buddy: Dyed Black  130 pcs minted
SG04-2 Pick Me Up – Tanny: Dyed Black  (sold out) 80 pcs minted
SG04-3 Pick Me Up – Flame: Gold + Translucent enamel  (sold out) 80 pcs minted
SG04-4 Pick Me Up – Spirit: Silver + Translucent enamel + Glow-in-the-dark  (sold out) 100 pcs minted
SG04-5 Pick Me Up – Ghost: Dyed Black  (sold out) 100 pcs minted
SG04-6 Pick Me Up – Badboy: Silver  100 pcs minted
SG04-7 Pick Me Up – Sunshine: Gold + Translucent enamel  (sold out) 100 pcs minted

Pick Me Up - Buddy

Pick Me Up - Buddy

Pick Me Up - Spirit

Pick Me Up - Spirit

SG04-1 Pick Me Up – Buddy: Black Nickel  (sold out) 120 pcs minted
SG04-2 Pick Me Up – Tanny: Black Nickel + Antique Gold  (sold out) 250 pcs minted