SG02-2: Birka

Name: Birka Geocoin
Item: SG02
Size: 2″ (50.8 x 50.8 3.5 mm)
Description: Trackable at with own icon.
Custom prefix “SE”.

Birka; Swedens first Viking town.
Outmost ring: Symbols found on objects in Birka excavations.
Big outer ring: Map of Birka with the name of saint Ansgar and the island name Björkö in runic alphabeth. By the viking ship the viking symbol for the sun.
Blue ring: Birka in runic alphabeth.
Center of the coin: Mjölner; the hammer of the Thunder god Thor. The Birka cross

A young monk named Ansgar arrived in Birka in the year 830 to spread the Christian gospels. Many of the inhabitants were baptised and there was a small church in the town. Nevertheless, most of the people in Birka were heathens.
Veight: 64 gr (with coin flip)
Design: Nenne_ ; color/plating combos by Nenne_ and MotoCycleBoi

Release date: Jun 4 2008
SG02-1: Birka: 2-tone Gold + Silver+ Color (sold out)  338 pcs minted
SG02-2: Birka: Gold + Color (sold out)  248 pcs minted
SG02-3: Birka: Antique Silver (sold out)  158 pcs minted
SG02-4: Birka: Gold + Foggy Gold (sold out)  148 pcs minted

SG02-3: Birka

SG02-1: Birka

SG02-3: Birka

SG02-4: Birka

New Versions: Jan 17 2009
SG02-5: Birka RGB Gold (sold out) 205 pcs minted
SG02-6: Birka AE Silver (sold out) 165 pcs minted
SG02-7: Birka Foggy Silver (sold out) 95 pcs minted
SG02-8: Birka Antique Bronze (sold out) 95 pcs minted

New Versions: 2010
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