Swedish Moose

SG01-4: Swedish Moose

Swedish Moose; our first geocoin. The second geocoin ever made in Sweden.

Name: Swedish Moose Geocoin
Item: SG01
Description: Trackable at geocaching.com with own icon.
Moose in 3D on the back.
Custom prefix “SE”.
Beautiful 2-tone plating.
Veight: 33 gr (with coin flip)
Attachment: Comes with 18″ ballchain.
Design: MotoCycleBoi.

Release date: Mar 13 2008
Front in soft enamel.
SG01-1 Swedish Moose: Antique Silver  (sold out) 120 pcs minted
SG01-2 Swedish Moose: Antique  Silver + Antique Gold  (sold out) 250 pcs minted
SG01-3 Swedish Moose: Antique Silver + Gold  (sold out) 124 pcs minted

SG01-1, SG01-2 & SG01-3 : Swedish Moose

SG01-1, SG01-2 & SG01-3 : Swedish Moose

New versions: May 23 2008
Front in imitation hard enamel.
SG01-4 Swedish Moose: Antique Nickel + Foggy Silver  (sold out)  150 pcs minted
SG01-5 Swedish Moose: Nickel + Black Nickel  (sold out)  150 pcs minted
SG01-6 Swedish Moose: Antique Nickel + Nickel  (sold out)  150 pcs minted
SG01-7 Swedish Moose: Antique Nickel + Gold  (sold out)  150 pcs minted

SG01-4, SG01-5, SG01-6 & SG01-7 : Swedish Moose

New versions: coming in 2010
Front in imitation hard enamel.
SG01-8 Swedish Moose: Black Nickel + Foggy Silver
SG01-9 Swedish Moose: Antique Bronze
SG01-10 Swedish Moose: Gold + Black Nickel
SG01-11 Antique Silver + Antique Copper
SG01-12 Silver + Transparent Green

SG01-8, SG01-9, SG01-10, SG01-11 & SG01-12 : Swedish Moose